Delegation Visits - Florence, Italy

Delegates from the County of Santa Clara, CA. USA/Province*of Florence, Italy, Sister County Commission have traveled to Florence, at their own expense, to plan mutually beneficial programs.  The delegates have been hosted by Province* officials, briefed on programs of interest and introduced to the cultural amenities of the area.

During alternating years, delegates from Florence have visited Santa Clara County to learn about best practices in a number of areas and to experience American culture.

The last official delegation visit from the Province* of Florence, Italy to Santa Clara County took place on May 4-10, 2012. Province* of Florence delegates led by President Andrea Barducci joined in the festivities to commemorate the Commission's 25th anniversary celebration on Saturday, May 5 at the Commission's signature fundraiser, the Medici Masked Ball.  The delegation calendar included a visit to the State Capitol, where delegates were officially greeted by the Senate and Assembly, and welcome receptions by the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors and the City of Milpitas.

In May, 2008 a delegation from the County of Santa Clara, CA. USA/Province* of Florence, Italy, Sister County Commission traveled to Florence to explore new educational, cultural and technological exchange opportunities.

On February 28, 2007, the Commission welcomed an informal visit by Province* of Florence President Matteo Renzi and his colleagues on and conducted a joint meeting to discuss future opportunities.

In 2005, an official delegation visit from Florence was led by Pietro Roselli, former Mayor of San Casciano and member of the Florence Province* Council. 

On October 2003, a delegation led by then President Michele Gesualdi, came from the Province* of Florence, Italy to Santa Clara County.  The delegation toured and were briefed on Green Waste Management, the partnership between the County and the Silicon Valley Water District, the County's Immigration and Citizenship program and the innovative development projects, Santana Row and the new Martin Luther King Library.

* The Province of Florence has been replaced by the Metropolitan City of Florence. The County and Commission are communicating with key representatives to strengthen the relationship with the new organization.

May, 2012 - President Andrea Barducci and Provincial Council Delegates

October, 2010 - President Andrea Barducci and Provincial Council Delegates

February, 2007 - President Matteo Renzi Joint Meeting with Sister County Commission

2003 Delegation Visit

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