Scholarship Requirements

County of Santa Clara/Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy Sister County Commission  
Scholarship Requirements

  1. Academic Excellence – 3.0 cumulative GPA or above, with preference given to those with higher GPA.
  2. Residence in Santa Clara County for at least six months while studying at a university in Santa Clara County, or residence in Santa Clara County for at least six continuous months immediately prior to enrolling in a university outside of Santa Clara County. Applicants should provide a copy of any two of the following documents to prove their residency:  a California Driver’s license with an address in Santa Clara County; a recent income tax return showing a Santa Clara County address; proof of voter registration in Santa Clara County, or a utility bill with the student’s name and address in Santa Clara County.  If an applicant resides or resided with another person or persons (such as his or her parents) in Santa Clara County, a utility bill with that other person’s name and address will also be accepted as proof of residency; in such cases, the applicant should indicate his or her relationship to the person whose name appears on the utility bill.
  3. Must be a matriculated student participating in a U.S. university-certified study abroad program in Florence, Italy or enrolled at the University of Florence. Please provide a copy of official letter of acceptance into study abroad program in Florence, Italy.
  4. Must have completed 60 units or more by time of departure for the program.
  5. Must describe their interest in Italian culture in one to two paragraphs.
  6. Complete and submit an application, which includes copies of transcripts, statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation.  Any missing criteria items may disqualify your application. 
  7. If selected as a scholarship recipient, you will need to complete a W-9 Tax Form and provide your social security number for tax purposes before a check is awarded.

Upon completion of the exchange program, program participants are expected to:

  1. Write an evaluative report about their experiences abroad and present it to the Florence Commission.​
  2. Attend at least one commission event or help at one commission fundraiser.​
  3. Assist with the promotion of study abroad and exchange with Florence, Italy and Sister County Commission Activities.

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