Sister County Commission Overview

The County of Santa Clara encourages the creation of Sister-County affiliations to promote friendship and understanding and to build bridges with countries of origin for various ethnic populations residing in the County. Such relationships enhance the region's international profile; encourage mutual understanding; and foster cultural, educational, technological and business exchanges between people of Santa Clara County and the people of our Sister communities. 

sister city views

Application to serve on a Sister County Commission

Sister County Commission Responsibilities

The local Committee should have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of Sister County Commissions.

Evaluation Process

The process to be used to evaluate prospective Sister County affiliations.

Sister County Guidelines

The County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors follow criteria adopted on August 13, 2002, to evaluate Sister County requests.

Sister County Affiliation Application

The County of Santa Clara supports the establishment of mutually beneficial Sister County affiliations to foster exchange of art, commerce, culture, education, and technology.

Guidelines for Termination

The County of Santa Clara enters a Sister County affiliation, it is with the expectation that there will be a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. 


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